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Impact Promotions Corporate Branding
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As most of you know, the plastic crisis is affecting our environment. If you’re as concerned as we are, then consider using our eco-friendly promotional corporate branding.

Over the past few years, we have noticed more and more people are becoming aware of plastic pollution and its effects on the environment, animals and generally the planet!

A lot of South African companies are addressing alternatives to items such as plastic shopping bags, straws, coffee cups, and water bottles. Plastic pens, pencils, rulers, etc are not recyclable and most are not reusable either! Most of these plastics end up in a landfill or the ocean, where it stays forever and effects marine life.

All plastic products have toxic pollutants that damage the environment.

This affects land, water, and causes air pollution. It takes hundreds of years for plastic to break down, so the damage to our environment is long-lasting.

By choosing eco-friendly promotional items, you are minimising the carbon footprint and helping to stop this waste landing up in the ocean and saving marine life in the process.

Impact Promotion’s aim is to help make the change to an eco-friendly lifestyle as simple and sustainable as possible.

We have researched companies that can offer products that are not only beneficial for the environment but are also affordable.

One of the products in our range are the Kooshty products made from glass, it’s a better alternative to plastic! Kooshty is a brand that offers high-quality glassware, made from boric oxide, silica sand, soda ash, and alumina. These combined elements allow for a stronger and more durable glass product.

Our Selection of Corporate Branding & Gifts

Eco friendly gifts


Our collection of saplings is sourced from sustainable forests or nurseries.

Grow Herbs

Biodegradable core, growing medium and a pack of seeds

Wooden Stationery

Choice between 4 Wood types – Pine, Birch, Bamboo or Wood Fibre 

Natural & Recycled

100% Natural cotton, eco friendly promotional gifts that care about the environment.


Every time you drink from your glass water bottle instead of a single-use plastic bottle, you’re doing your part to prevent our oceans from being littered with plastic.
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Impact Promotions has an extensive range of eco and environmentally friendly products. Follow our Footprint to contact us.

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